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The importance of training for movie auditions

Actors must learn how to deal with failure.

They spend countless hours rehearsing scripts for auditions, only to suffer rejection.

While this quote by eminent A-list Hollywood acting star George Clooney that, “the only failure is not to try”, is uplifting and motivating, there is a way that actors will be able to succeed far more than they fail.

Musyko Academy is just coming alive and is promising to help all aspects of the movie business and help actors train better for auditions and deal with failure.

Becoming a successful actor is one of the hardest undertakings.

Incredibly, only two percent of actors make enough money to live.


The answer is simple. Actors frequently audition for roles that they aren’t suited to, or audition in such a manner that doesn’t fit the role. Of course, there are lots of actors who either can’t act very well or need more training. However, whatever the reason, the result is always the same – “thanks, we will let you know”, which is a nice way of saying no.

The casting system has changed very little since the beginnings of the old Hollywood and Bollywood studios. Although today, Bollywood and Tollywood and Hollywood production houses are able to audition thousands of actors in a remarkably short space of time. But the fundamentals remain the same.

Actors are required to learn and perfect lines for that all or nothing audition. The pressure to get it spot-on is incredible, something which is all the more harder considering that most actors are working other jobs to try to make ends meet.

Most actors know little about the production that they are auditioning for, the artistic vision, the expectations on them and their character, etc., meaning that preparing for an audition is actually an art in itself.