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Welcome to Musyko Film Academy. We have experienced actors as teachers for our acting classes, and we provide practical training and support which helps students to learn acting much faster with auditions training. We also invite casting directors and producers as guest speakers in our acting class. We also provide opportunity to students to act in our drama and short movie. Our teaching style in acting classes is very different from other acting schools.

Musyko Online Acting Classes
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With our Online Acting Course for Adults and Kids, students can get the best acting school experience by learning from experienced actors, casting directors and producers. 

Our online acting classes have the following unique features:

⮚ Interactive sessions

⮚ Drama exercises and games

⮚ Voice enhancing exercises

⮚ Body language study

⮚ Scene works

⮚ Improvisations

⮚ Monologues


Participate in Movie Auditions and TV Serial Auditions. Get expert tips and inputs on your audition videos 

You can now give auditions for movies and TV serials. All auditions will be conducted online through Zoom or Google Meet.  Book your audition now. Musyko Acting School offers several convenient options in order to help our models and actors train and prepare to deliver outstanding auditions and improve their chances of selection. Submit your audition videos for expert analysis and get useful insights.


Publish your profile on Musyko and get acting jobs, casting calls and invite for movie auditions and TV serial auditions

Musyko Film Academy brings an Excellent earning opportunity for actors. Publish your acting videos on Musyko channel and earn money from popularity of your videos. The popularity of your profile will bring you calls from casting directors, get casting calls and you will get the opportunity to participate in movie auditions and TV Serial Auditions. 

We help you build and publish your profile, connect with casting directors, search and win acting and modelling projects. Register FREE today and start building the future of your dreams. 

Questions about our programs, online acting classes or online audition training? Reach out today.

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