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Colored Theatre Lights


Where the Passion Begins

Our faculty members are highly influential players in the industry. In every course they teach, they bring their rich experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. Get to know our talented team below, and feel free to reach out with questions.

Faculty: Team


Theater Actor, Director and Coach

The courses taught by Jitender are known for being both popular and memorable. Every class taught by Jitender is not only demanding, but also provides great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives.


Experienced Actor and Coach

Since joining our team a few years ago, Bapee has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as acting coach and trainer. An inspiration for both students and faculty alike, Bapee is one of our most beloved teachers.


Experienced Theater and Movie Actor and Coach

Diwakar has acted in over 25 plays as a part of his professional theatre experience. He has done more than 1000 street and 500 stage shows in
HINDUSTANI, HINDI, ENGLISH, MAITHILI, BHOJPURI, and SANSKRIT. He has have acted in Movies such as IRADA, Gwalior, Shuruaat ka interval, Holy cow) with Naseeruddin shah, Arshad warshi, Sanjay mishra, Neena gupta, Divya Dutta etc...

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